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 Microsoft Expression Design v4.0.2712 Retail

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BeitragThema: Microsoft Expression Design v4.0.2712 Retail   Fr 08 Feb 2008, 01:26

Expression Design
Design a Lasting Impression

Microsoft Expression Design is a professional illustration and graphic design tool that lets you build compelling elements for both Web and desktop application user interfaces.

Expand Your Portfolio
Expand your portfolio and collaborate with others who are defining the next generation of software applications. Expression Design is the perfect companion to Expression Blend, letting you quickly build sophisticated vector assets. Then seamlessly transfer — by way of XAML — your graphics to your Expression Blend projects.

Designed for Design
Unleash your creativity with innovative vector drawing tools and non-destructive effects that you can apply
to either vector or imported bitmapped images. Apply both hard-edged and organic strokes while maintaining the flexibility of vector paths.
Expression Design has been built from the ground up for designers by designers.

Your Vision, Uncompromised
Don't let your design degenerate when it's handed off to someone else.
Now, you can be confident that the look-and-feel — such as a corporate identity or user interface elements — will be maintained all the way to the final product. Build your assets in Expression Design, export them as XAML, and give them life with Expression Blend's interactive features.


* Flexible Vector Drawing
Flexible Vector Drawing Use Expression Design's powerful vector drawing and editing tools to explore new artistic possibilities and create compelling graphic designs and illustrations. Integrate your vector artwork and bitmap images in the same document to create hybrid compositions.

* Dynamic Live Effects
Dynamic Live Effects Take advantage of Live Effects to apply high-quality effects and filters such as Bevel, Emboss, and Gaussian Blur to any vector or bitmapped object. Then change the effect, or change the object, with the confidence that Live Effects are always non-destructive and fully editable.

* Expanded Workflow
Expanded Workflow Bring your existing vector-based artwork from other popular graphic tools into Expression Design along with JPEG, PNG, and GIF bitmap files. Then export in a wide variety of formats, including XAML code that you can easily use when building next-generation software with Expression Blend. Or seamlessly copy and paste your images into Microsoft Office while preserving transparency.

* Innovative Design Environment
Innovative Design Environment Deliver applications that are more usable and achieve greater end-user satisfaction and productivity. Leverage the full power of the desktop and Internet to provide your audience with big-impact, high-performance user experiences that drive brand recognition and repeat use. Easily create localizable and accessible applications for global audiences.


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Microsoft Expression Design v4.0.2712 Retail
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