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 Diskeeper.2007.Professional.Premier.v11.0.706.0.Wi nXPVISTA2K.Regged-CRD

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BeitragThema: Diskeeper.2007.Professional.Premier.v11.0.706.0.Wi nXPVISTA2K.Regged-CRD   Fr 08 Feb 2008, 00:50

Diskeeper Pro Premier provides
unparalleled peak performance for
power users and high powered
workstation computing, delivering
the ultimate high performance to
those who need it most.

Best of all, Diskeeper 2007s
revolutionary InvisiTasking
technology allows vital system
performance enhancements, including
defragmentation, to occur in real
time, on-the-fly. InvisiTasking
undetectably taps into unused system
resources, providing truly
transparent system maintenance.

In addition, Diskeepers I-FAAST
2.0 (Intelligent File Access
Acceleration Sequencing Technology)
was specifically developed to
accelerate the speed of your systems
file access time in order to meet
the heavy workloads of
file-intensive applications. I-FAAST
intelligently monitors file usage,
and reorganizes those files that are
used most for the fastest possible
access. Users of applications such
as CAD/CAM, database applications,
and graphic and video intense
applications will experience an
astonishing increase in speed and

Remarkably, I-FAAST 2.0 can actually
boost file access and creation to
speeds above and beyond the
capabilities of the system when it
was new - as much as 80 faster in
some cases.

Combined with its many other
features, Diskeeper 2007 Pro Premier
will extend the life and increase
the efficiency of your systems while
greatly increasing workplace

With InvisiTasking, except for the
exceptional boost in performance,
youll never know its there because
it runs with absolute transparency
making your systems faster and more
stable than ever.

Download: diskman.rar

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Diskeeper.2007.Professional.Premier.v11.0.706.0.Wi nXPVISTA2K.Regged-CRD
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