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 Arclab Thumb Studio v1.1

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BeitragThema: Arclab Thumb Studio v1.1   Mo 11 Feb 2008, 23:27

Image gallery, slideshow and web photo album creator
Thumb Studio is an easy to use image gallery, thumbnail, slideshow and web photo album creator for everyone. Its also an image converter, which allows you to create 3 different image sizes at once, convert them to a different format or add a watermark.

-- Web Album and Slideshow
-- Customization and Watermarks
-- Meta Tag Information
-- No Sign-up required

Web Album and Slideshow

The program not only contains several drafts, which could be customized, it also allows you to integrate the album or slideshow directly into your existing htmlpage. This is very easy - all you have to do is to select the position in your webpage and the program does the rest.
It allows a seemless integration, were you can define exactly how it should look like.

Customization and Watermarks

All attributes can be customized: image size, rows, columns, color, fonts, spacing, width, buttons ... It can also be used to add a visible watermark to your images. The watermark can be an image with an alpha-channel (layer) for true transparency, which can be arranged at different positions and lets you define attributes like size, opactiy and spacing.

Meta Tag Information

Thumb Studio includes EXIF support to read information like blend, apperture ... from your digital images. It also allows to add metatag informaton like IPTC/JPEG comments for copyright notices or image descriptions.

No Sign-up required

Thumb Studio does not require to sign-up for a photo-sharing service. You can upload the images to your own webserver/webspace or use it as off-line album. (HTML output)

Thumb Studio supports many different Project Types. Take a look ...

>> Webalbum
All images will be shown as thumbnails in a table . on an image to open the same image in a larger dimension.

>> Webalbum with Slideshow
All images will be shown as thumbnails in a table. user can click on an image to open a slideshow, which can be used to browse through the images.

>> Slideshow
Each page contain a single image in the specified dimensions. The viewer can use the controls to browse and navigate between the pages.

>> JAVA Slideshow
Each page contain a single image in the specified dimensions. The viewer can use the control to play/pause and navigate between the images.

>> Slideshow with Preview
The Slideshow with Preview contains small thumbnails for the next and/or previews images.

>> Batch Processing (Resize, Watermark)
Thumb Studio support batch processing of a huge number of images without creating web-page. You can also use this funtion to add a watermark to your images.

>> Website Integration: Add Webalbum to an existing Webpage
It also allows you to integrate a slideshow or webalbum into your existing webpage. You can use your own design and don't have to use one of the included drafts. There are two different types available:

- Website Integration: Add Slideshow to an existing Webpage
- Website Integration: Add JAVA Slideshow to an existing webpage

for: MS Windows 2000 MS Windows XP MS Windows Vista

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Arclab Thumb Studio v1.1
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