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 Bixelangelo v1.30

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BeitragThema: Bixelangelo v1.30   Mo 11 Feb 2008, 23:13

Create text-on-path effects with Bixelangelo

Your drawing can also be used as a path along which you can scroll a 3D text (or any other object).

Create EPS files with Bixelangelo

Your drawing can also be saved as an EPS file. This EPS file can be imported in any application that supports EPS files.

Supporting standards

Your sketches are saved as standard .PNG bitmaps, .EPS vector drawings and DirectX .FX effect files. This means that they can be used in any application that supports texture maps and DirectX effect files, including BluffTitler DX9 and Bix's Photo Book.

System requirements
Microsoft Windows XP or Vista
Intel Pentium compatible processor (Pentium III 800 MHz or better recommended)
128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
A graphics card that supports Pixel Shader 2.0

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Bixelangelo v1.30
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