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BeitragThema: CRAFT DIRECTOR TOOLS v8.1.1   Mo 11 Feb 2008, 16:24

Craft Director Tools is a suite of plug-ins for Direct Animation in Maya and 3ds Max.

Direct animation is a ground breaking animation discipline in which animators are given greater precision and control. Objects and cameras are steered manually in the 3D environment with the aid of such input devices as a joystick or a 3D mouse. A quantum leap is made with Craft Director Tools' innovative Record function, which works much like a video camera does in real life it records frame after frame in real time. During recording, Craft Director Tools' own physics engine and mocap system simulate object and camera motion - dictated in precise detail by user input. The result is that each individual frame is turned into a keyframe. Object motion is precise, realistic and instant.
Animators who use Craft Director Tools produce 4-5 minutes of high quality animation per work day - this includes both object and camera animation. Previously the best rate of production has been around 2 seconds per work day. That's the difference that Craft Director Tools makes!

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