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 eCover Engineer v5.4 Plus Templates

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BeitragThema: eCover Engineer v5.4 Plus Templates   Mo 11 Feb 2008, 16:06


-- With our cover creator software you can design ebook covers, CD covers and DVD covers.
-- Benefit from real-time 3D Editing and Rendering
-- Take advantage high image quality. Export your work as BMP, JPG or PNG
-- Import and use for your work a wide variety of picture files like BMP, JPG files, PSD files and almost any type of image
-- Resize the width, height and depth of the Cover. Create custom shape boxes.
-- Rotate, roll and resize the designed object.
-- See your work from any angle. Use camera rotation / movement options. You can rotate the camera along its X, Y and Z axis relative to the center of the Cover
-- Change light color.
-- Use shadow effect and see your work reflected
-- Specify floor's texture and background color.
-- Use our product on less powerful computers. Find a balance between speed and quality.
-- Save your work as templates so you can reuse it later.
-- Send templates and output images by email
-- Use our product in a lot of languages. Multi language support: English, French, German, Brazilian, Russian, Romanian, Japanese
-- Use our basic built-in editor that has all the features of Microsoft Paitbrush and some extra settings.

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eCover Engineer v5.4 Plus Templates
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