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 Truster Lie Detector v2.4

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BeitragThema: Truster Lie Detector v2.4   Sa 09 Feb 2008, 18:57

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With this Truster truth detection software, you can now turn your computer or laptop into a Truth Verification Device. According to PC Format magazine: "Although Truster comes with a manual, the software is so instinctive and straightforward to use that you can have it up and running within seconds." Truster is an on your desktop computer lie detector that can analyze the voice through: (a) An In Person Live Conversation; (b) An In Person Recorded Conversation (Both Digital And Analog Recordings!); (c) A Live Over The Telephone Conversation; and, (d) A Phone Recorded Conversation (Both Digital And Analog Recordings).

In all those instances, it will show you on screen whether the subject is lying, outsmarting you, exaggerating, or just not sure of the words he is telling you. In short, you will know if the subject is or has told you the truth.

Truster is a revolutionary new software product that interfaces with your PC or laptop computer for quick and reliable live and recorded truth verification. Anyone with a computer can use it. You will be in a position to detect deception nd verify the truth during one-on-one conversation or while talking on your home of office phone connected to your PC. You can also record conversations for later analysis.

Truster technology was originally developed for military use but now you can use the same technology they use to detect lying and deception. Truster is a computerized voice stress analysis software you can install on your computer. Truster can be used with in person interviews, tape recorded analysis or over the telephone line.

Zitat :
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Truster Lie Detector v2.4
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