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 VB Shell Programming

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BeitragThema: VB Shell Programming   Fr 08 Feb 2008, 01:42

Visual Basic Shell Programming ventures where none have gone before by showing how to develop shell extensions that more closely integrate an application with the Windows shell, while at the same time providing an advanced tutorial-style treatment of COM programming with Visual Basic. Each major type of shell extension gets attention, including customized context menu handlers, per instance icons, and customized property sheets.

VB Shell Programming

6 Black Book

At nearly eleven hundred pages, this book may be a little intimidating to the computer-shy. For those with some computer experience, this book provides a solid introduction to Visual Basic programming without wasting a lot of your time. It explains the crucial Visual Basic tool set in detail, and covers the best Visual Basic programming practices, from design tools to flowcharts. The CD-ROM contains all code examples from the book, including ready-to-run example codes that the reader can cut and paste into applications.

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VB Shell Programming
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